Our Target Market

Avid Fans who attend, fundraise, participate, or otherwise support their Sports, Cheer and Corporate teams.

Our Mission

To create a playoff atmosphere for every game.

We are avid sports fans that believe sports participation teaches many of life’s important values and lessons. We are parents and coaches of athletes, cheerleaders, and scholars that believe community support and participation is important to successful sports programs.

SportsPom LLC is headquartered in Tampa and has offices in Chicago, Houston, and Detroit.

Gary Heidrich

Gary is a Business Engineer with career experience in Sales and Manufacturing.

His sports are baseball, softball, college football and basketball, golf, swimming and especially playing with dogs. Not necessarily in that order!

He was a neighborhood All-Star in whiffle ball.

“Sports give the perspective that a loss isn’t the end, it just gives the chance to play another day and win”.

Mike Bailey

Mike is a Houston based Business Development Executive with a background in Finance and Accounting.  He runs Marathons, and along with wife Julie loves Houston Texans, and LSU football.

For over 10 years, Mike coached his daughter Andrea’s club softball and soccer teams.  Another daughter, Amanda, was active in youth dance and cheer, and was an NFL cheerleader for 5 years and still assists them.

“Our daughter’s been a cheerleader from youth to the Pros and we know the challenges and joy of living in the Cheer Zone!”

J.D. Cox

JD Cox is a Houston based Sales Executive in the Petrochemical industry.

He played college baseball, now follows the Astros, and was Fundraising Chairman at Humble High School.

JD is the proud father of Forrest and Cameron, both active in the wide world of sports!

Alisa Francavilla

Alisa is a former Cheerleader and currently studies Business in college.